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I'm Natalie I live in New York I use she/her pronouns and enjoy my blog!!

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'Katniss,' says Haymitch in my ear.

'Still here,' I answer.

'Interesting turn of events with Peeta this afternoon. Thought you'd want to know,' he says. Interesting isn't good. It isn't better. But I don't really have any choice but to listen. 'We showed him that clip of you singing ‘The Hanging Tree.’ It was never aired, so the Capitol couldn't use it when he was being hijacked. He says he recognized the song.'

For a moment, my heart skips a beat. Then I realize it’s just more trackerjacker serum confusion. ‘He couldn’t, Haymitch. He never heard me sing that song.’

'Not you. Your father. He heard him singing it one day when he came to trade at the bakery. Peeta was small, probably six or seven, but he remembered it because he was specially listening to see if the birds stopped singing,' says Haymitch. 'Guess they did.'

Six or seven. That would have been before my mother banned the song. Maybe even right around the time I was learning it. ‘Was I there, too?’

'Don't think so. No mention of you anyway. But it's the first connection to you that hasn't triggered some mental meltdown,' says Haymitch. 'It's something, at least, Katniss.'



this vine saved me

  • straight couple: *make out in public at random intervals in weird places*
  • straight couple: *grabs each other's asses in public*
  • straight couple: *are not in any way inconspicuous about the fact that they are feeling each other up in public*
  • gay couple: *holds hands in public*
  • straight people: that is VILE and it is CORRUPTING my entire FAMILY. my grandmother is crying. my children have all shit their pants at the same time. WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN